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Chaska High School Speech

Speak and

be heard.

Chaska Speech gives you the tools for using your voice to make change, make friends, and make a lasting impression.

Speak and

be heard.

It's more than just looking good in a suit. We talk about important stuff in front of other people. Are we crazy? Well...maybe a little.

What is Speech?

We speak, we win, we travel to cool places. Get the latest news on what our team is doing to make our voices heard across the country.

Team Updates

Join our team!

Do you have what it takes to make your voice heard? All CHS students welcome to audition. Times available October 11th & 12th only!




There's never been a more important time to be able to articulate your thoughts and emotions clearly. Join Speech to speak your mind about things that matter to you—and develop a unique voice that won't be ignored.




No matter where you go after high school, you'll never run out of opportunities to put your skills to use. Join Speech to hone your speaking skills for college presentations, career interviews, or on-the-spot public addresses. 




OK, we'll admit it: we're kinda weird. We speak in public on our Saturdays for fun—what did you expect? Join Speech for a community of friends who share your interests, encourage your individuality, and challenge your limits.

Admit it: you'd love to be SO good at speaking that you're taking home hardware like this on a weekly basis. We can help you get there!

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