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Let's do Round 3!

One more go-round. Ready?

Categories have now been randomized for all students. Hope you can memorize quick!

10:00 am

R2 draws inbound!

Second verse, same as the first.

CAUTION: one option is rigged to make your device explode. Good luck!

10:00 am

First round underway!

Find your room and do your thing.

Sorry 'bout the first round disco tasks. What, y'all didn't realize you were supposed to rip it into 7 sheets? It'll be right for R2.

10:00 am

Draw meeting is now!

It's happening in Red House Forum.

It's actually a meeting about sketching with charcoal.

10:00 am

Welcome everybody!

Most of your questions can probably be answered in the Schedule section.

Including, but not limited to, the meaning of life and the purpose of Elon Musk.

10:00 am

Live Updates

Real-time news alerts. Like CNN, except not at all.

Chaska Invitational Tournament 2023

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